Leather Belt Doesn't Have Enough Holes!

Right now I shall be giving you a quick information to fixing the belt that you have which can be too big or too small with only objects that you have mendacity around the house. Many bags and belts are constructed from genuine Leather,” which sounds good and legit, but is actually the third grade of Leather from one of the best. Real Leather is commonly painted to appear nicer than it is, and will not be capable to take the years of wear and tear and tear of a nicer grade. It is the most effective grade you can buy, and the reason an Previous Navy belt can price $17 and a designer belt prices $one hundred fifty. Fortunately for us, making our own full grain Leather belt is super easy, and super cheap. Belt Hold, $1 The little Leather loop that holds the excess belt length when fixed.
This DIY is relevant for all sorts of materials or supplies used for making belts, so whether you use a Leather material like I did or even something like canvas or cotton, this tutorial might be good for you! Buckles range in all totally different sizes, styles, and widths, and no matter buckle you employ will likely be crucial to deciding what measurement your belt might be. The buckle I used is the bronze one within the picture above, so any measurements I discuss specifically are designed for that one.

Work slowly and thoroughly-this prime stitch will preserve your belt together, however it can also look fantastically embellished if it's accomplished properly! Begin on the underside nook of the tail end (the place you can see I left the threads on the left side), go down the tip, after which pivot on the corner to show and continue all the way down the length of your belt. It shouldn't take much thread, however be additional cautious in case you're working with a thicker fabric.
If the brand new spot is not exactly on a measured place, create a Hole barely past that point. After checking the dots yet one more time for accuracy, place the belt in the Leather punch software. Lining up the cutting point and the opening, clamp down on the device as hard as doable to punch the outlet. After slicing the holes, brush off the excess Leather and try the belt on for dimension. Make certain that the holes are giant sufficient that the buckle prong can match by means of completely. Secure the belt to the desk and place something beneath the belt first to protect the end.

A nail will make a smoother Hole by way of a thin belt, however if you're trying to save time, a screw can be turned by the Leather, utilizing its threads to tear by quicker. I had to use scissors to clean each Hole up and it took a LOT of strain just to get that! I may very well be ok if all you need to do is make a brand new Hole in a belt however............you get what you pay for. Even fresh out of the field, this set of pliers has plenty of play in its alignment - very straightforward to not get on the anvil sq. and punch an ovular Hole. I wished a belt that was just a little longer, and so I went with a 45″ in. length and a 1″ in. width.
Work slowly and thoroughly-this high sew will keep your belt collectively, but it is going to also look beautifully embellished if it's carried out effectively! Start on the underside nook of the tail end (the place you can see I left the threads on the left side), go down the top, and then pivot on the corner to show and proceed all the way down the length of your belt. It should not take much thread, however be extra careful in case you're working with a thicker fabric.
I was looking on the web site and it appeared like the three/4″ wide belt is $12.ninety nine, the 1.5″ belt blank is $19.99. I suppose you possibly can lower your expenses by signing up for their club prices, however this still places the belt in at $30, which is still a fantastic deal. Tony, A Leather punch will give you a extra constant Hole, however if you're only making one belt, I wouldn't spend the additional cash for the punch.

Make certain to place something, that you don't mind damaging, that does not move round behind the belt, that's thick sufficient, for when the drill bit goes via. This methodology takes longer than the others, and also belt puncher you might find yourself with a messy Hole. You should purchase oval-shaped Leather Hole punches, but most people is not going to discover a mix of round and oval holes.
What you'd be higher doing is getting the buckle eliminated, some size removed from the belt after which the buckle re-connected. Although I might most likely shorten the belt also it is not prefer it's important as a result of you may have an extra inch on it now. I've used a hammer and a screwdriver to regulate for the diameter of the opening as well. If the outlet shouldn't be giant enough then change to a bigger quantity and simply screw it in, no need to make use of the hammer after the primary time.

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