Filter Rods

Filter rod maker for NWA (Non-Wrapped Acetate) filters. The invention relates to an arrangement for producing no less than one filter rod for merchandise of the tobacco-processing industry acetate filter having a filter materials web processing gadget, specifically Filtertowstreifenaufbereitungseinrichtung, and a filter rope forming system.
In contrast with the direct connection or coupling of a Filtermaterlalbahnaufbereitungseinrichtung and a filter rope forming machine, the two gadgets are decoupled based on the invention, whereby the two gadgets are disposed spatially offset to one another and could be. Aufgrund der flexiblen räumlichen Anordnung der Filtermaterialbahnaufbereltungseinrichtung und der Filterstrangbildungseinrichtung werden die gegebenen Platz- bzw.

To this end, it is advantageously supplied that the filter materials internet transfer system selling the filter material strip comprising supporting technique of transport, in order that the ready Filtermateriaistreifen is reliably carried out by Towaufbereiter to the strand machine.
Though your cigarette have the best tobacco and one of the best flavour. The arrangement has a filter material course preparation mechanism (20), in particular filter materials monitor transfer device, and a filtering facility (40). offers four,286 filter rods merchandise.

Filter Rod Maker for monoacetate filters, white and black, flavoured, slim, other varieties. A earlier than and after smoking visible comparability is usually made and if the filter tip material, after smoking, is darkened, the tip is robotically judged to be effective.
The cigarette smoking public attaches nice significance to visible examination of the filter materials in filter tip cigarettes after smoking the cigarettes. Außerdem ist es von Vorteil, wenn die Filtermaterialbahnaufbereitungseinrichtung und die Filterstrangbildungseinrichtung räumlich versetzt zueinander angeordnet sind.
On this case, for example, be manufactured from cellulose acetate threads drawn off from a bale of filter tow, ready by stretching and treating with plasticizers, reminiscent of triacetin, and discharged into a desired shape and consistency for further processing on to a filter train unit, which from the conditioned filter tow by coating with a Hüllmaterialstrelfen a filter rod making, The filter rod is subsequently reduce into filter rods for cigarettes or different rod shaped smoking products.

Hierzu ist es zweckmäßigerweise vorgesehen, dass die Filtermaterialbahnüberführungseinrichtung die Förderung des Filtermaterialstreifens unterstützende Transportmittel aufweist, so dass der aufbereitete Filtermateriaistreifen zuverlässig vom Towaufbereiter zur Strangmaschine geführt wird.
By way of this invention proposed measure, the filter material preparation device and the filter rope forming device could be set up individually from each other, being fed to the filter rod forming device by means of the filter material net switch system of the treated filter material strips.

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