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Breakthrough technology pioneered by our expert chemists have allowed us to create the most advanced surface protection coating on the market today. There are, however, car ceramic coating kits available which can be applied at home, if you wish to do so. Note that when applied at home, a flawless result CANNOT be guaranteed - glass coating requires an absolutely contaminant free environment which can rarely be achieved in a private garage.
Psychologically I'd feel like I would do a better job detailing someone's car if I knew they weren't the less-informed "can you make my car shiny by the time I finish shopping"-type customer. These cars are sometimes new but often a few auto detailing canberra years old. Ceramic Pro have a range of nanoceramic protective coatings designed to protect your paint work and other areas of your vehicle from damaging environmental fall out such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tar and tree sap.

There has been lots of good advice about properly pre-rinsing a car, and using quality wash-mits and two bucket methods of avoiding as much as possible rubbing grit and dirt into your paint: coated or not, it will create fine scratches known as swirl marks that will need polishing to remove.
Whether you are looking for a long lasting ceramic coating to protect your paint and offer you low maintenance washing, or an easy to use car polisher kit that comes with everything needed to perfect that shine and gloss, we have the car care options for you.
As I have mentioned before, arguably the real benefits of the ceramic coatings in reducing scratching and marring exist because a typical washing regime for such cars requires very low cleaning pressure indeed - far less than an untreated car (that is where I was getting my "80%" figure from).

Coating your extractors, headers or manifolds with HPC's fully Australian Made Ceramic Exhaust Coatings, will not only make them look fantastic and help them last longer, the under hood heat reduction and performance gains that you will see will be significant.
Most ceramic coating companies have a milder prosumer” version of their flagship coating that they offer to DIY detailers. I would love for there to be a scratchproof coating but one simply does not exist and more than likely will never exist in my lifetime unless they stop painting cars and finish them using some other means.

No, We take care of cleaning the vehicle, decontaminating and preparing the paint work before we apply the Ceramic Pro Paint Protection. Other factors that affect the cost include the type of detailing required before the ceramic coating is applied to ensure the coating performs at its best, and how many layers of ceramic coating you apply to the vehicle.
HPC's Appearance coatings are more durable and can handle twice the heat of enamel paints and powder coatings and offers excellent resistance to scratching, chipping and chemicals. We are very proud to introduce our new, introductory paint and interior protection packages.
The coating makes it easier to clean, but the car doesn't get dirty. Also, in order to determine the effects of coating material on the wear process, TiC, TiN, and TiCN coatings of thickness about 5 μrn — 6 μm coated by Arc ion plating deposition method were tested.

I get that but Ceramic Pro doesn't claim to be a glass coating, so unless you are in the habit of setting your car on fire I just don't understand the relevance of that video. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is fully chemical resistant so your paint work is always protected from damaging environmental fall out.
The variable temperature can be adjusted, enabling weak hair to be better cared for at a lower temperature setting. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a Nano-Ceramic Paint Protection that forms a permanent bond to the factory paint work protecting it permanently from environmental fall out, Ceramic Pro Paint Protection comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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